The benefits of an Integrative medical approach are many. The thinking and approach that one takes, will have a bearing on one’s health. At i-Chrysalis, Integrated medicine not only focuses on using complementary medical treatments for addressing diseases, but also focuses on prevention of diseases. It is very important these days, to have a preventive approach, helping one to have a better quality of life – “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

  • i-Chrysalis has a unique integrated medical approach to address the root cause of all health disorders.
  • Every discipline of treatment is time tested, proven, holistic and non-invasive.
  • Optimum control of the diseases is attained, with an appropriate combination of integrated therapies.
  • Healing takes place faster with less chances of relapse.
  • Patients are counselled about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and food habits.
  • Patients are healed of acute or chronic level of diseases considering their genetic lineage, body composition and stress tolerance level.