NeutraMatrix Therapy –  It is a mix of YHM, MDT & Su-Jok therapy to address Chronic Diseases.

Like AcuMatrix Therapy, NeutraMatrix Therapy system is also a unique concept of Integration of Multiple Therapies. This protocol is used for treating the chronic or degenerative stages of the diseases.

Here the YHM plus Su Jok therapy along with the Micro Dieting Technique are the main methodology of treatment. Electro Homeopathy medicine will also sometimes be administered to get a better control of the disease.

What Su-Jok Therapy means?

Giving treatment through Palm and Foot, is the essence of Su-Jok Therapy. Su means hand while Jok means feet. Su-Jok can be done with other therapies, as it produces no side effects. Since hands and feet are the locations of systems of active points corresponding to all organs and parts of the body(Reflective Zones), stimulation of these points produces a curative effect. This method is universal. With the help of Su-Jok, various kinds of illnesses can be treated. Since the therapy is natural, employing only the natural forces in and around the body, it is one of the safest therapies to follow and practice.

NeutraMatrix Therapy is very useful in treating degenerative diseases like Cancer, Prostate problems, Kidney related issues, Heart related ailments etc. This therapy system works at the Energy & Emotional level apart from the Chakra as well as Element level.